Advanced Anatomy Study for Yoga Teachers

29 Jun Advanced Anatomy Study for Yoga Teachers

20 million Americans are said to be practicing yoga these days and that means that yoga teachers are seeing a variety of people in their yoga classes that have a wide range of physical and mobility levels.  More and more Western style physicians are also seeing the benefits of a regular yoga practice and are therefore encouraging their patients with a variety of ailments to seek out a yoga class.  This means that yoga teachers need to be equipped with enough knowledge of anatomy and physiology in order to ensure that their students practice safely.  

Most 200 hour teacher trainings, are only able to devote a small percentage of their time to the study of anatomy.  Yoga Alliance, the national governing body of yoga teachers in the US, requires only 20 hours of anatomy study.  Not every person taking a yoga teacher training has a background that includes a in-depth study of anatomy.  By deepening this knowledge, teachers may find that they give more clear cues.  Also, they will be able to better understand the issues that their students face and shed light on those places in the body that might feel weak or are injured.  Most importantly, yoga poses take students through a range of motions that can be new to most beginners.  Therefore anatomical alignment or body mechanics can allow these poses to be healing and therapeutic.  

Science for Yogis is just the course that addresses all of these issues for yoga teachers.  This class was designed for teachers and serious practitioners who are looking for more in-depth study in anatomy, physiology and kinesiology as it relates to the practice and teaching of yoga.  In addition, students will become more familiar with medical terminology; Western and Asian approach to disease; and herbal and supplemental remedies.

The next course begins July 9 and includes 100 hours of instruction, meeting one night a week for several weeks.  The cost is $700.