We are offering a licensure program in Aesthetics, so that a student can become licensed to give facials, evaluate skincare, give body wraps and scrubs, and apply make-up and waxing.

 Our Aesthetics division is called “The School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics”.  We approach Skincare the same way we approach Massage:  Nourishment and Mindfulness.  Our Skincare program is unique because we take a holistic and natural stance with everything we teach and practice.  In addition, this Skincare program is very focused on teaching ingredients, so that the student will have an awareness of how to blend and create unique spa products that are botanically-based and natural.  Also, we believe that what you eat and what you think can arrive on your skin, so in order to have healthy skin, our students will look at the foods they eat and their thought processes to also help heal and nourish the skin.

Our bodies are our temples, and we need to nourish them through massage, skincare, nutrition, and thoughts.  We hope you’ll check out our website for more information:   School of Botanical Aesthetics