Amazing Coconut!

18 Feb Amazing Coconut!

We love it in cakes, candy, adult beverages and the scent alone evokes images of palm trees and sand.  But this amazing thing (nut, fruit, seed…you decide) has so much more to offer!!!

Known as “The Tree of Life” every piece of the coconut can be put to use.

  • The meat of a coconut is edible.  Offering less sugar and more protein than most other fruits.  The flesh also produces the milk used in many culinary recipes and items such as coconut ice cream or creamer.
  • The husk can be used to make musical instruments, door mats and is often a potting medium in Thailand.
  • Coconut water mixes well with blood and was used in World War II for emergency transfusions.  Because the water also contains many vitamins and minerals and fiber it is a healthy option and found in sports aids.
  • The shell can be used to make items such as buttons, as a fuel source, and accessories such as earrings.
  • Technically because a coconut is not a true nut it is known as a drupe but it does produce nut oil that is used in cooking and more.  Some research has shown that virgin coconut oil is effective in treating bodily conditions due to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties.  Studies show that coconut oil has been effective in treating digestion and heart conditions.  Lately it’s even been considered a great treatment our furry friends for allergies and wounds.