Being Spellbound

03 Mar Being Spellbound

Field-of-StarsWhen was the last time you were spellbound by something, when your attention was captured so extremely that you were SO mesmerized, SO consumed, SO present and interested that you felt your heart would explode from utter wonder?  Most likely, there’s not time for that. Our lives tend to be so busy and formulaic that we’ve lost that childlike sense of wonder we had as a child. At our school as in all of your lives, amidst all of the details, administration, admissions, and busyness, it can be difficult for us as staff not to get mired in those details. Thankfully, the nature of education should be about INSPIRATION–sharing, empowering, and encouraging students that they can be whatever they want to be, and they can help others and create an amazing career for themselves at the same time.  We hope for our students to become SPELLBOUND at some point in their education with us.  Also, if you receive services from our student clinics or attend our community classes, we hope you have many moments of amazement, where you feel fully present and captured by the experience.  Here’s to a new sunrise and sunset each day, where we can choose to be inspired and amazed!