Cadaver Lab!!

15 Mar Cadaver Lab!!

This semester, as part of our anatomy and physiology curriculum we are taking part in two fantastic Cadaver Labs.  The very well spoken, Todd Garcia, with Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment, is leading us through these important hands on lessons in the human body.

Our first lab experience was perfectly lined up with what we were covering in our lecture class: the systems of the body, including the central nervous and cardiovascular.  Todd is amazing at what he does, creating a beautiful and respectful representation of every part of the intricate human body.  He is also amazing at providing a thorough and patient explanation for the curious minds of students.  The learning process can absolutely be seen and felt during these cadaver labs.  Our next lab is this coming weekend and we will delve into the muscular and skeletal systems!  We can’t wait!

We will have these cadaver labs as part of each 320 hr Western and 600 hr CMT program!! Join us, Denver Integrative Massage School, next semester starting July 16th!  For more info contact: