Massage Clinic Services

90-min Massage $38
90-min Prenatal Massage $38
60-min Massage $32
60-min Prenatal Massage $32

Our student massage clinic is every Tuesday & Thursday, 11:00a – 4:30p and alternating weekends, Saturday & Sunday, 11a – 4:30p. All clinic appointments need to be made online.  Please click on the link below to schedule your appointment:


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Prenatal Massage

Our prenatal massages are an integration of Thai Massage & Western Massage, which could be on the massage table or on the Thai mat.  We have a very unique style of Prenatal Massage, one that is focused on both relaxation and therapeutics to help the mother at all stages of her pregnancy.

Student Massage

Your student massage, whether 60-min or 90-min, could be a Thai Massage or a Western Massage (Swedish/Deep Tissue), or an Integrative of both of these styles.  Please be open to any of these options.  If the session is a Thai massage, on the floor or table, you may be in a community-style setting in our main room.  For Thai massages, you are clothed, wearing yoga-like comfortable clothes or exercise clothes to allow for easy movement. Because these sessions are received clothed, you may be in a big room with a few other people receiving massage.  This style is similar to how you receive a Thai Massage in Thailand, and we like to replicate the experience as much as possible, so please be open to this situation.  You should always plan to bring comfortable clothes to change into for your student massages.  We cannot guarantee special requests, but you can certainly add any notes to your appointments when you schedule online.

Whether the session is a traditional Thai massage, a Western massage, or a combination of both, you will have an amazing experience as our students receive detailed feedback and help from our instructors.  In addition, we use Thai herbal compresses for many of the sessions so keep it mind that you’ll be receiving this herbal, heat therapy where it’s appropriate for your massages, and you can always request for the student to use them during your massage.

Please note that you may have scheduled with a specific student therapist but as this is a student clinic the therapist you will see is subject to change. Also, your Thai Yoga Massage may take place on a massage mat or a traditional massage table. **Thai Massages are performed in an open community room setting.  Please be prepared in the case that you receive a Deep Tissue Massage, you will be in a private treatment room and you will receive more of a traditional Western Massage; disrobed on the massage table.

PAYMENTS:  Please be aware that we have a CASHLESS system so you will need to pay for your service with a credit or debit card.  Students are able to accept cash tips, but please bring correct cash as we will not have change for you.

24-HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY:  Please be aware of our 24-Hour Cancellation Policy prior to booking an appointment.  You’re responsible to pay for the appointment if you cancel with less than a 24-hour notice, and you will be sent a paypal invoice for the missed service, which needs to be paid in full & within 24 hours for you to be able to visit our student clinic again. These sessions are VERY important to our students–for them to become better massage therapists/aestheticians and for them to complete our program. Thank you for your mindfulness!

We look forward to working with you & we’ll see you at our student clinic soon!

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Prices effective as of Jan. 1st, 2016.