Colorado Thai Massage

27 Dec Colorado Thai Massage

Looking to experience a Thai yoga massage?  If you live in Colorado, then look no further than Denver Integrative Massage School. Many residents in Colorado and in Denver, live active lifestyles and one way to heal all this wear and tear on the body is to get a Thai massage. Also, Colorado has become an epicenter for yoga practitioners and Thai massage makes a great complement to any yoga practice.

Thai massage is deeply therapeutic and nurturing. It incorporates deep muscle pressure, assisted yoga-like stretches, acupressure joint mobilization, energy work and intentional deep breathing. When all combined,  a Thai massage leaves the client with an incredible sense of ease and relaxation, while also relieving muscle tension and strain. Also, energy blockages are cleared along channels known as sen lines.  Through the use of the therapist’s feet, forearms, elbows and palms the flow of vital energy known as lom is increased, thus creating a greater sense of well-being.

Thai yoga massage has been practiced for over 2,500 years and has its roots in Indian Ayurveda and Buddhist spiritual practices. With the people of Colorado seeking alternative means of healing, this very much fits the bill to creating a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.

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