Denver Massage School’s FREE Event: Thai Neck Stretches and Massage

18 Sep Denver Massage School’s FREE Event: Thai Neck Stretches and Massage

On Friday, September 28 join Denver Integrative Massage School for a Free workshop that focuses on one aspect of Thai Yoga Massage.  The featured topic for this event will be Thai Neck Stretches and Massage.  Learn assisted neck stretches that target the most common areas in the neck that hold tightness and stiffness.  Also, learn how to massage away that tightness and stress.  After this 2 hour free workshop, you will begin to notice the places in your neck where you tend to hold on to stress and will be able to pinpoint that area with your new found knowledge. 

Modern American lifestyle is very different from a traditional Thai lifestyle, and therefore less attention was given to the neck.  Americans spend a majority of their day sitting hunched over  a desk, a computer or a steering wheel.  This postural misalignment creates tension, particularly in the upper back and neck. 

These free Friday night workshops are meant to give you a glimpse into the world of Thai Yoga massage.  Remember – no massage experience necessary just a desire to learn, give and receive the benefits of this ancient healing technique.  Class starts at 6:30 and registration is REQUIRED.  Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and bring a pillow and a blanket.