28 Dec Earning Potential as a Massage Therapist

Earning potential can be a deciding factor when choosing a career. Fortunately, Massage Therapy has the potential of earning an hourly rate of up to $100 or more, according to Yahoo Finance.  This is great news!  There are a few important factors to keep in mind as they determine your salary potential: geography, employment setting, and work volume.

Geography: The top earnings are in big cities like New York and Los Angeles where the median hourly wage is $80.  In comparison, the Occupation Outlook Handbook reports that in 2008 the annual mean wage in the state of Colorado was $43,540.

Setting: Self-employed massage therapists bring in top dollars in comparison to spa settings where the average earning is 37.49 hourly.  Coming in second on the pay scale is a position within the healthcare industry, where the average hourly rate can be up to $67.50.  According to All Allied Health Schools.

Work volume: Hours in a massage therapy setting can vary greatly, therefore impacting income.  Due to the nature of work, most therapists that work anywhere from 15-30 hrs a week consider themselves to be full-time.

This is exciting and important information for students of Denver Massage School to be aware of when starting their new career.  By combining a strong foundation in eastern modality and experience in western massage, students of Denver Integrative Massage School will graduate with a strong focus that will set them above the rest.