What is e-Learning Massage?

e-Learning Massage is a fabulous opportunity to take massage classes online!

This e-Learning module replaces the in-class, lecture aspects of our 600-hour program. The hands-on component to our massage training is of course taught in-class, but for the Western Sciences and their relation to massage and to the national board exam, those classes can easily be taken in an e-Learning format outside of class.

We have developed a program that makes it easier, time-wise and schedule-wise, to complete the 600-hour CMT program.

How it works?

The Denver Integrative Massage School has weekday night classes that focus on teaching the Western Sciences (anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology, & assessment), and how they apply to a massage therapy career. These evenings also prepare students to take the national massage board exams that are required to get licensed in most states.

The weekend classes at DIMS are all hands-on massage training, so the e-Learning Massage program replaces the weekday night classes, so that students that live too far away from our Denver classrooms can take the weekday night classes out of the comfort of their own homes and at any day/time that suits their schedules.

The weekend, hands-on massage application classes can be taken at our Denver location during our regular schedule, or they can be taken in a 5-week intensive, Monday – Friday, to complete the program in a more accelerated fashion, and for those that don’t live in Denver but have the flexibility to reside in Denver for the 5-week module.

Benefits of e-Learning Massage

The e-Learning Massage module is beneficial for these reasons:

  • Reduces travel & driving time to & from classes
  • Offers more accessibility—the CMT program via the e-Learning option is accessible for students that live further away from Denver, (i.e. Boulder, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, Vail, Breckenridge, Aspen, & other states!)
  • Provides more flexibility—the student has 1 year to complete the e-Learning option & the hands-on massage classes, but the student can also complete it in 6 months as well
  • Affords better organization of curriculum materials & national exam preparations
  • Grants continued access for up to 1 year after graduation, which is beneficial for review of materials, power points, videos, & documents

More Details: Hour Breakdowns & Options

  • 200-Hours In-Class
  • 250-Hours e-Learning (fast track: 16 hrs per week of prep/homework & webinars for 3.5 months, but the student has more flexibility with the completion date)
  • 150-Hours Practicum (at the school or with an LMT outside of class, equals 75 massages)
  • Flexible duration: 4 months to 1 year
  • Hands-on Massage Classes can be taken every other weekend for 5.5 months
  • Western Therapeutics Program is taken completely via e-Learning.
  • The Hands-on massage classes, Western & Thai, are completed In-Class, every other weekend, Sat & Sun, 9a – 6p for 5.5 months.
  • e-Learning can begin at ANY time throughout the year!!