Facial Yoga Course

29 Nov Facial Yoga Course

At the School of Botanical Aesthetics, the focus is on training future estheticians in natural skincare.  The emphasis is on using natural ingredients and healing techniques that create younger, healthier looking skin.  One of the continuing education courses focuses on facial yoga. 

Facial yoga is a veritable fountain of youth.  It is perfect for those you want to look younger without the intrusiveness of cosmetic surgeries or receiving painful injections every so often.  Not to mention, all of these procedures can get very expensive.  Facial yoga can essentially be done anytime, anywhere. 

Some yoga teachers are incorporating facial yoga into their classes, while some consider it a separate entity.  Either way, they are still trying to accomplish the same outcomes:  soften wrinkles, lines and creases and prevent new ones from forming.  The idea behind facial yoga is that you create tension and then relaxation in the facial muscles.  These face specific exercises work to tone muscles, just like you would do with any muscle in the body.

When you learn to relax the muscles around your face it means that you are also relaxing other parts of the body and creating overall sense of ease in the body and that shows across the expression you carry on your face.  Facial yoga also increases the circulation to the skin which gives it that glowing look.