Facials And An Esthetician

09 Feb Facials And An Esthetician

FacialWhen one thinks about what an esthetician does, usually the first thing that comes to mind is giving facials.  A facial is an incredible way to not only nourish and revive your skin, but it is also deeply nourishing for your overall sense of well being.

The purpose of a facial is to clean, exfoliate and nurture your skin to maintain a clear, youthful appearance.   A facial will boost the effectiveness of your skin care products by ridding the skin of dead cells and cleaning pores.  It will balance your skin tone and is a great way to rehydrate the skin.

The process of a facial has several steps.  First, the skin is gently, yet deeply cleansed.  A licensed esthetician will be able to then do a proper skin analysis to determine the type of skin that you have and resolve issues that have become apparent to a trained eye.  Next, the esthetician will decide which type of exfoliation treatment to use: chemical or enzyme.   This is followed by an extraction process that removes blackheads.  Finally, you will receive a facial massage to restore energy and blood flow to the facial muscles.

At the School of Botanical Aesthetics you will learn the art of giving a facial that incorporates a holistic approach that includes learning how to blend herbs, vitamins, fruits and vegetables to create your own products. In addition, you will learn how to include aromatherapy to provide a deeply relaxing session for your clients.

Our esthetics program includes an extensive Facials course. In this facials course, you will learn everything you need to know to pass the Colorado state written and practical exams. The course covers multiple modules including how to give a Basic and Advanced Facials, Anatomy and Physiology of the skin, proper sanitation and disinfection, Skin Analysis, the differences between professional products and homemade ones, as well as new techniques in facial massage, Thai acupressure points for the face, Chinese medical face mapping, facial yoga, and incorporating different types of machines that can boost any style of facial.

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