Facials Course – Denver Esthetician School

08 Dec Facials Course – Denver Esthetician School

The 600 Hr esthetics program includes Facials course. In the facials course, you will learn everything you need to know to pass the Colorado state written and practical exams. The course covers multiple modules including how to give a Basic and Advanced Facials, Anatomy and Physiology of the skin, proper sanitation and disinfection, Skin Analysis, the differences between professional products and homemade ones, as well as new techniques in facial massage, Thai acupressure points for the face, Chinese medical face mapping, facial yoga, and incorporating different types of machines that can boost any style of facial.

Classes included in Facials Course

Basic Facials
Product Making
Medical Facials
Advanced Facials
Facial Yoga

Basic Facials offer the foundations of how to give an amazing facial:  Step- by-step direction in European facials, fabulous facial massage techniques, usage of warm towels, and disinfecting materials properly. After this class, you will have the knowledge to perform professional, product-based facials that will be relaxing and soothing for your future clientele. 

Product Making class teaches students to make cleansers, masques, toners, and moisturizers, and one of the final projects will be to share each other’s creations! In addition, the students will have an introductory class about Chinese herbal tonics that benefit the skin.

Medical Facials. Our students will learn about various Facial Machines as well as Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels and how these more “medical” treatments can help various skin conditions.  Our students will be well-versed in how to treat facial clients from both a “medical” and “botanical” perspective. 

Advanced Facials classes include instruction on Extractions, which can be done with fingertips or a metal tool, to remove the sebum that can be causing acne. The “Advanced” part of a Facial is also using particular masques and toners that will work well will various skin types—it’s understanding how to treat the skin properly, not just cleansing the face well but treating the skin so it can look and feel clear, balanced, and beautiful long term. 

Aromatherapy. Our students will learn an introductory awareness of Aromatherapy, how they can integrate oils and hydrosols into their facial sessions, and how they can integrate them into their lives. 

Facial Yoga. Our graduates will feel confidant to start sharing facial yoga techniques with their friends, family, and clients.  Many of our students are already massage therapists and yogis, so they can also share these techniques with their massage clients and yoga students.