Feel great while you give!!

21 Feb Feel great while you give!!

“Before we can receive, we must first give.”- Lao Tzu

There are so many reasons why Thai Yoga Massage is popular and growing quickly.  It’s done while the receiver is fully clothed, it infuses the use of yummy herbal compresses, it is done in longer sessions than many styles of massage, it incorporates reflexology and other forms of bodywork but most importantly it feels as good to the giver as it does the receiver.

This is something that a lot of massage therapists may struggle with.  Many injuries can plague a therapist from long term use of the body and bad postural habits.  With Thai Yoga Massage the practitioner is not only usually treating a client on a mat on the floor but they are using their own body weight to create pressure as opposed to muscling through a session.

In stretches such as pigeon the therapist is able to lean into the client’s body, acting as a lever to sink deeper into the posture.  Along the same lines even while giving a Thai Massage on the table a practitioner is able to lean into the table, shifting weight from side to side while using forearms to roll or “sanook” the energy lines of the legs.

In Thai Sanook means fun.  It’s something that we do a lot as Thai Massage therapists because it does feel as good  to the practitioner as it does for the client.  At Denver Integrative Massage School emphasis is placed on the importance of feeling good in your own body while working so that longevity in a massage career is possible.