Gong Meditation

12 Sep Gong Meditation

To be bathed in the multidimensional tones of planetary gongs is an experience known to awaken, renew and expand consciousness. The harmonic resonances of the gongs can reduce stress, relieve depression, and is an excellent therapy for many other issues related to body imbalance.

Please join Sylvia Salcedo Rojas, local sound healer and acupuncturist, as she immerses our bodies with the incredible healing vibrations of the planetary gongs, chimes, singing bowls.

We recommend you arrive 15 minutes prior to the posted start time of the immersion in order to choose your ideal resting spot around the gongs (with your head closest to the gong). If your hearing is very sensitive we suggest you not sit directly at the foot of the gongs (as they get magnificently loud).

Bring a comfortable mat, a blanket for warmth, and pillows for your head and/or knees. You will be lying on your back for an hour or more, so please bring what you need to be able to fully relax into the sound journey. There will be candlelight. If you prefer total darkness, please bring an eye cover.

Personal items can be infused with the sound. Participants are welcome to set them around the gongs (eg. water, stones, intentions).

Gong Meditation Dates:

Sundays – Sept 30, Oct 28, Dec 9th, Jan 13, Feb 17, Mar 17

Times: 6:30p – 7:30p

Gong bath is $15 for the public & $10 for DIMS grads & students.

Location: Denver Integrative Massage School, 1221 Galapago St. Denver

Any questions?
Please feel free to email call Sylvia at Sylvia@omdenver.com or call 303 832 7375