How to Get the Most Out of a Facial

12 Dec How to Get the Most Out of a Facial

Whether it’s your first facial or your one thousandth, there are few things to keep in mind that will make your treatment more enjoyable and informative. 

First, avoid using exfoliating products at least four days prior to your facial.  As part of the facial, you will receive an exfoliating treatment and you don’t want to create any unnecessary irritation.  Speaking of irritation, if you skin is sunburned or inflamed in any way you should reschedule your facial immediately. 

An esthetician is trained in skin analysis and is knowledgeable about how to treat skin problems.  So be sure to come to your appointment with a few skincare concerns that you can discuss with your esthetician.  You may even want to bring along the skincare products that you are currently using, which may help address skincare needs. 

Some people might think it is better to come to the appointment without make-up or performing your regular skincare routine the day of your facial.  Actually, it helps the esthetician see how your skin would look normally on any given day.  Of course, if your appointment is first thing in the morning then you may want to skip the make-up application. 

The most important thing that you can do is relax and enjoy a little bit of self-care and nourishment!