January 2016 Clinic Changes

31 Dec January 2016 Clinic Changes

We appreciate all of our clinic clients for both massage & aesthetics programs! We have a few changes for the New Year, so please read the below information:

  1.  Starting on Jan 1st, 2016, we moved to a CASHLESS SYSTEM, so all appointments & products need to be paid with a credit or debit card. Also, if you decide to tip your student therapist, that is cash-only, and you need to bring the appropriate cash as we will not be able to make change.  We have the newest chip-card readers for credit cards.
  2. Some of our services have changed prices and those prices are now adjusted in our Online scheduling system, so please note those for your records. All service price changes are effective Feb 1st, 2016.  Please login to Appointment Plus to see those service price changes.
  3. Please continue to be mindful of our 24-Hour Cancellation Policy which is:  You’re responsible to pay for the appointment if you cancel with less than a 24-hour notice, and you will be sent a paypal invoice for the missed service, which needs to be paid in full & within 24 hours for you to be able to visit our student clinic again. These sessions are VERY important to our students–for them to become better massage therapists/aestheticians and for them to complete our program. These instructions are listed throughout our Online scheduling system.