Karma Clinic

18 Jul Karma Clinic

Have you booked a session at the Denver Integrative Massage School Student clinic? We’re giving you a good excuse!

Every month on the final Thursday we are giving back through our Karma Clinic!!

When you sign up for a massage on July 28th your donation will go to The Emerald Cancer Heart Foundation. The Emerald Heart Cancer Foundation is a new and unique national non-profit. They believe in integrative cancer care and their mission is to provide support and resources to women with cancer in effective complementary and alternative, life-enhancing treatments.

Our Karma Clinic runs just as our regular clinic days do! The only difference is that all proceeds are given to a a charity of choice!

Student practicum sessions are available for the public!!

Tuesday and Thursday, 11:30a, 1:30p and 3:30p

Monday 5:00p and 7:00p

90-minute sessions = $28

Throughout the temples of Thailand you will still find the traditional community Massage setting.  Our clinic will provide the same powerful feel with the added relaxation of a studio setting.  Initially Thai Yoga Massage will be offered on the massage table combining the methods of Thai yoga massage with some Western, massage techniques, and at a later date we will offer the same traditional Thai session on the mat.

Call, Email, or Schedule online:
Ph 720-252-2716