Lazy Man’s Yoga

21 Jan Lazy Man’s Yoga

The art of surrender is the foundation of Thai Yoga Massage.  This style of massage, like Yoga, was created to prepare the body for meditation, the ultimate surrender.  It opens up the body and allows for lowered blood pressure, improved breathing, a clear and calm mind, and overall relaxation.

In Thailand this style of massage is lovingly called “Lazy Man’s Yoga” because it incorporates the breath of Yoga and during stretch the therapist puts the client into yoga postures.  The recipient is able to let go and relax but still receive the benefits. The idea of surrender that this style of massage creates is something that our culture would greatly benefit from.

The ability to let go of control and still participate is a wonderful quality that can be learned.  Thai Yoga Massage is a great way to incorporate that into your life.   In physical practices we sometimes push beyond our limit and tend to overstretch or we don’t push far enough for change.  The assisted stretches in Thai Yoga Massage can help to create the muscle memory that is necessary for proper stretching in a setting where the recipient is relaxed and not in control.  Thai Yoga Massage creates change including openness in the body and awareness in the mind that can then be carried out in everyday activities.

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