Make Your Continuing Education Count

30 Jun Make Your Continuing Education Count

Congratulations! You got your Massage License! Depending on the state, you will have different requirements on Continuing Education classes and credits to keep your certifications you have worked so hard for. And sometimes, a therapist can get a little bit burned out from all of the classwork. So how do you maximize your Continuing Education experience?

First of all, be sure that the class you are taking for Continuing Education is recognized by your governing body i.e. the state in which you live. If it is not recognized by your state, then you will more than likely not receive credit for the course. But if you wish to take it to expand your own personal knowledge, just be aware of the credits you may or may not receive.

Holding a license or a certification that requires Continuing Education credits, in turn requires a lot of planning. Be sure you do not fall behind, and plan ahead. Look for courses that you would like to take, count your credits, and keep track of everything so you have records of what you have accomplished. When you are rushed and pressed for time, it may result in a loss in licensure.

While you are looking ahead at the courses you are going to take, be sure to think about what your passions are within your field. What do you want your niche or specialty to be? There are classes that can cater to what you want to learn, and by planning ahead, you can take classes for things that you love to do while using your massage license properly.

In planning ahead, be sure that you know where your classes are being held, and keep a budget. Some classes that are longer and more in depth may be more costly than the shorter courses. By knowing where each class is, you can plan everything else accordingly, whether it be with work, your business, and other classes of interest.