Massage and Falling on Ice

28 Nov Massage and Falling on Ice

You never know where it might be hiding – the steps, the curb, a random place on the sidewalk. Every winter, it covers streets and porches, sometimes obvious and sometimes invisible. We are talking about ice.

Like most of us, you have probably taken a spill or two thanks to an unexpected slippery spot of ice in your path. While some falls are completely harmless, others aren’t so funny. If you land wrong, there are so many body parts that can be injured, from hips to elbows, knees to wrists to shoulders. An innocent fall can quickly turn into injuries that last longer than expected.

There are several treatments that can help quickly heal an injury due to a fall on ice. An ice pack or heat pack for sore, stiff joints; massage therapy for any aches and pains; a doctor for extreme discomfort, swelling, or abnormal pain.

A massage may be helpful within a day or two of the fall. Massage can be especially helpful if you are experiencing stiffness and pain in spots other than the places of impact. A massage therapist can focus on the areas of injury as well as any referred pain; aches and tightness that result from falling on ice can be quickly relieved soon after the massage.

The most common massage used to treat injuries caused by slips and falls is deep tissue massage. By using slow, powerful strokes to help realign layers of muscle and connective tissues, any stiffness or sore, damaged muscles, tendons or ligaments will dissolve and the healing process will begin.

Although we can take precautions to prevent falls, chances are you are going to slip on some ice this winter. Reduce your chance of injury by rolling with the fall – it’s better to fall on your side than to use your arms to break your fall. If your feet fly out from under you, protect your head from hitting the ground by bending your back and head forward.