Massage Manifestos

A manifesto is a public declaration of principles & intentions.  Our students have a “Your Wellness View” project to research throughout the massage program, which includes journal entries about different health-related topics.  At DIMS, we believe in drawing from myriad resources in our knowledge base–from medical journals and from the wise words of our grandmothers.  Wisdom is in all things. It’s in you. It’s in me.  It’s in native cultures. It’s in our medical community.

The main reason for the Massage Manifesto is for students to have a summary of their beliefs about wellness & massage when it’s fresh in their minds.  Their manifestos are encouraged to change throughout their journey. But for now, they can go into their massage practices knowing, right now, why they are doing what they’re doing.  That’s exciting!

We’ve first chosen to feature two of our graduates, Jenn Posterick & Sarah Parkovich.

Jenn’s Massage Manifesto

How we approach our health is a loaded matter, and our lives depend on it. Most of us have been influenced by our upbringing and experiences. Then as we get older, science and politics, as well as more experiences and the experiences of those around us, weigh on us as well. Read more…

Sarah’s Massage Manifesto

  • As individuals, we must follow our unique paths of heart, our personal legends.
  • As a community, we must work together to restore a symbiotic relationship with the earth and her creatures.
  • We must care for and nurture each other.
    Read more…