Mindful teaching

27 Jan Mindful teaching

With an interactive approach, Tanya Sheppard offers a teaching style that has something for everyone.  She is leading several of the courses at Denver Integrative Massage School including Kinesiology and Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Assessment.  So far our class of 13 has loved every lesson she has instructed!!  They are eager and anxious to hear her stories of life experience that make the Anatomy & Physiology related information so real and applicable.

Tanya is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, but would never allow you to refer to her as Doctor.  She is incredibly down to earth and humble even with her 18 years of experience.  Tanya is very easy to approach and knows how to make her knowledge accessible to every learning style.  We are so excited to have her on board and can’t wait to see what other fun teaching techniques she has to offer!

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