New Esthetician School In Denver!

10 Aug New Esthetician School In Denver!

School of Botanical Aesthetics is pleased to announce its inaugural licensed aesthetician program beginning in October 2012. Learn to heal and nourish skin in a natural way.  This unique licensing program contains a focus on natural, botanical and herbal ways of healing and nurturing skin. 

The durations of the program is 6 months and by the end of it, students will be able to give facials, evaluate skincare, give body wraps and scrubs and apply make-up and waxing.  In addition, students will attend classes with a focus on ingredient blending to be able to blend and create their own skincare products using botanical and herbal mixtures to treat common skincare issues.  Also, students will learn facial yoga techniques that massage and bring energy into the muscles and tissues of the face.  

The School of Botanical Aesthetics embraces a holistic approach that encourages its students to focus on nourishment and mindfulness.  Students will also gain an understanding of what types of foods and the thoughts we think can impact the radiance of our skin. 

Students will participate in in-class lectures and teaching, practicums, and online Anatomy classes.  For more information e-mail:

This new program starts October 2012!

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For more information visit The School of Botanical Aesthetics website.