Organic Plant & Herb Sale in Denver

02 May Organic Plant & Herb Sale in Denver

To promote our new 500-hour Herbalism Program, which begins on July 8th, we are hosting a plant sale on Saturday, May 10th from 10 am to 6 pm. Kick off the summer by checking out the sale and buying organic, medicinal plants and herbs to start your own garden!

Denver Integrative Massage School
1221 Galapago St., Denver, CO 80204

In addition to plants, new items from the in-house herbal apothecary will also be on sale, with a 30% discount on all essential oils, bulk teas and pre-packaged tea blends, and all herbal tinctures.

The Herbalism Certificate Program (Herbalism Roots, a DBA of the Denver School of Integrated Medicine) includes the study of medicinal herbs (leaves, roots, flowers, fruits, stems, leaves, seeds, bark, and berries) and their therapeutic connection with the body systems they affect. The program also includes unique classes on folk medicine, soil preparation, gardening, medicine making, field trips to the mountains, working with an herbal apothecary, and over 150 hours of clinical practice with herbalism clients. Unique herbalism courses paired with gardening classes, camping trips, and hands-on practice under the supervision of professional herbalists make this innovative program a comprehensive study of herbs “from seed to medicine.” The program, which can be completed in just six months with a low tuition of $3,100, gives the graduate enough knowledge and experience to become a Professional Herbalist in Colorado and can lead to entry-level positions as an herbalist at a wellness center, natural health store, holistic health clinic, or private practice, to name a few.

Join us at our Plant & Herbal Apothecary Sale! Browse the herbs, take some home to start your garden, and learn about the Herbalism Certificate Program Herbalism Roots.

Plant Sale