Our new addition!

15 Aug Our new addition!

Denver Integrative Massage School has a new addition to the family!

Meet “Bucky”, our skeleton! He will be a hands-on tool for the Anatomy and Physiology courses each semester! On occasion you will find him in the front window of the school.

Over the weekend our students began to learn the body systems hands on.

On Saturday the students were part of an interactive Cadaver lab followed by a lesson on Myofascial release. Sunday, the following day, the students dove into planes of movement and anatomical positions. Which some would say is a necessary evil for understanding the body.

Finally, the weekend closed with the first lesson on the Skeletal system and Bucky played his part. Tanya, our fabulous instructor who is also a physical therapist, strives to make sure that all of her classes are highly interactive so that student learning is optimal.

In addition to Anatomy & Physiology we have our Thai Yoga Massage classes, Asian Energy Theory & Techniques and more. All courses at Denver Integrative Massage School are specifically designed to give students the necessary tools to pass the national and/or state licensing exam. While it is an accelerated program it is chock full of knowledge and of course we always find time to have fun!

Our next full 600 hour CMT program begins January 2012! For registration and info: Hillary@dimassageschool.com