Practice Yoga during a massage?

09 Aug Practice Yoga during a massage?

Perhaps in the heat of summer you have neglected your Yoga practice and can’t seem to get back to it, or maybe you need that extra push to even begin a practice. In any case, let Thai Yoga Massage lead the way!

Often referred to as “Lazy Man’s Yoga”, Thai Massage is much like doing Yoga while receiving a massage. It is an incredibly unique style of massage that includes many different modalities to create an amazing experience for the receiver in both mind and body. Included in a Thai Yoga Massage are techniques and poses found in your typical Yoga class such as: passive versions of Pigeon, Child’s pose, Spinal twist (as in the photo), Tree as well as the most important aspect, breath.

That’s not it!! Thai Yoga Massage includes so much more. Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Acupressure and energy work are just some of the aspects that make a Thai session amazing! Thai Yoga Massage is traditionally delivered on a futon-like mat on the floor but can be adapted for the massage table, and the receiver is fully clothed during the whole massage. The sessions may include the use of ‘Luk Pra Kob’, Thai herbal compress treatments.

If you have not experienced Yoga or are hesitant to start up a practice, Thai Yoga Massage can be a great (assisted) introduction to the poses and rhythmic flow that become familiar in a Yoga practice. For the practiced Yogi, Thai Yoga Massage feels like a yummy and familiar place with the added benefit of passive stretching that allows for a mental break and physical recovery.

Denver Integrative Massage School has a couple of ways for you to experience a Thai Yoga Massage –