Prenatal Massage

25 May Prenatal Massage

Pregnant mamas + Thai Yoga Massage = a perfect yummy match!  Over the weekend we experienced a fabulous Prenatal course at Denver Integrative Massage School.

The side-lying sequence just seems to be made for pregnancy!  We covered that as well as Supine Massage, which with modification and slight elevation is absolutely appropriate for pregnancy as well. While covering other very important things such as contraindicated pressure points and applicable sequences, we (including the guys) also got to try out faux baby bumps, as you can see in the photo!

We also had the wonderful Physical Therapist, Tanya Sheppard, for a few hours of the day. She was able to explain some great self – care for our clients, including creative ways of moving from the Thai Mat to standing and strengthening for hips and lower body.

The class was so much fun and incredibly useful! We learned why pregnant women love Thai Yoga Massage! Our students are excited to start seeing a range of clients including the pregnant mommy population! or 720.270.3633