Summer Health in a few simple steps!!

15 Jun Summer Health in a few simple steps!!

Summer Breeze …

Next week we break into the season of Fire!  Summer is the season of Fire according to the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine.  Summer brings in a wind of change when it comes to health. With Fire comes maximum Yang causing the temperature and our motivation to be at full force. For the most part we feel more energetic, we hit the pavement for a run, hike in the mountains, camp and so on. With all this energy we tend to forget that there are issues that can arise and always reasons to tonify!

If our Fire element is in balance we are able to find growth, peace and serenity in this time of Yang energy.  When we become out of balance with too much heat we may find that anxiety, agitation, restlessness, and things like heart burn may plague us.  Some ways to maintain balance this summer:

  • Eat cooling (Yin) foods – mint, dill, cilantro, watermelon, cucumber, apple and asparagus.
  • Avoid – heavy or fried, oily foods.
  • Drink a lot of water, perhaps infused with lemon or cucumber
  • Keep your feet cool.  Good excuse to get to a lake nearby or swimming pool!

Another thing to be aware of for the next several months are allergies! Don’t let them slow down your summer fun in the sun! Here are a few acupressure points that when stimulated may help this season!

  • LI 4 – is located on the top side of your hand in the web between thumb and index finger and is great for congestive issues and clearing heat.
  • Bl2 – Thumbing or tapping this inner eyebrow point may calm sneezing fits and helping sinus headaches.
  • St40 – located two finger widths behind shin bone, half way down the outside of your shin. It may reduce headaches and dizziness, known as the Phlegm point.  May reduce congestion throughout the body

Take care this summer and be sure to check back for updates and more great seasonal tips!

Our summer semester begins July 16th at Denver Integrative Massage School!!  We’re excited to share with you.