Take your summer fun to the next level!

08 Jul Take your summer fun to the next level!

Summer is the season that we usually find ourselves creating a health and wellness routine, perhaps consciously or unconsciously. We tend to become hyper aware of our bodies, if even just for that bikini. Our food choices lean toward lighter, healthier options and we are much more active. Ideally whatever routine we begin will carry us into the fall season and even through the dreaded Holiday craze. However, that is not always the case.

You may not be aware of how to turn those summer fun habits into a health routine that will last all year. Here are a few tips:



  • Write down the things that are working (keep a journal of what foods and activities are making your feel good and those that tend to create the afternoon lull)
  • Create a realistic goal for the latter part of the year. Most of us have long since forgotten our New Year’s resolution.
  • Incorporate things because you enjoy them. For example, hike because it’s enjoyable and forget about the fact that you are burning tons of calories. It will happen anyway!
  • Pay attention to seasonal changes. Summer is the season of fire, so it’s the time for cooling foods, acupressure and herbs that address allergies and clearing heat. But when cooler weather comes along our needs will change.
  • Take the time for rest and recovery. No matter the season, the body craves touch, healing, stress reduction, pain relief, improved circulation and more. This makes massage a great addition to your life long health routine. Massage will allow your body to reset and rehabilitate so that you are able to reach your other goals.

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