Thai Acupressure Facial

06 Dec Thai Acupressure Facial

A Thai Acupressure Facial incorporates the wisdom and traditions of Thai massage, but specifically focuses on the face, neck and shoulders.  This form of facial massage provides many benefits for the skin.  Specifically, it provides a balance of energy and creates a nurturing awareness for the receiver of a Thai Acupressure Facial.  In addition, it enhances the flow of Qi and blood which helps with nutrient absorption, thus increasing the skin’s ability to breathe.  Essentially, it gives the skin a more smooth and soft appearance.  One can think of this is as a non-surgical and non-invasive facelift.

Thai Acupressure Massage utilizes meridians or Sen lines, which are energy lines within the subtle body.  These lines are massaged by using deep, gentle movements on the face, shoulders and neck.  Also, gentle circular strokes are used specifically on the face to help tone and clear away stress.