Thai and Swedish unite!

13 Jan Thai and Swedish unite!

There are so many techniques and tools within the world of Massage and therapists often choose to incorporate many things into one session.  At Denver Integrative Massage School we offer a blend of Eastern and Western massage with an emphasis on classic Swedish and Thai Yoga Massage.  When these two very different and powerful styles unite the receiver and therapist experience the best of both worlds.

According to Tappan’s, Swedish is the most well known and first medically recognized style of massage.  Swedish massage takes place on a massage table.  The recipient is generally nude and covered by sheets and a blanket and the therapist strategically undrapes only the area that he/she is working on.  The long, gliding strokes used in Swedish massage promote the relaxation of the nervous system and enhances circulation.  The kneading techniques of this massage can help release specific areas of muscular tension.  When asking for a massage, Swedish is typically what a client is referring to.

Thai Yoga massage is an ancient, popular and fast growing type of massage.  It consists of assisted stretching, reflexology, acupressure, and heated herbal compress therapy.  Some of the benefits include: lengthening of muscles through stretching, balance of energy flow in the body and an increase in joints range of motion.  Thai Yoga Massage usually takes place on a mat on the floor.  The receiver remains fully clothed for the duration of the session.

Both of these styles promote the overall wellness of the client and are wonderful forms of healing and stress relief.  While seemingly so different there is harmony when these two are fused into a session.  The warming strokes of Effleurage in Swedish can help to heat the body prior to Thai Yoga stretches.  The energy line attention created with herbal compresses in Thai massage can help to open the body before the deep kneading of Petrissage.  Both Swedish and Thai Yoga Massage are great stand alone styles of massage, but together they create a wonderfully therapeutic session.

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