Thai For The Table

Prerequisites: This class is part of our full 600-Hr CMT Program. To take this class ala carte, you must be a currently licensed massage therapist.

(14 CE Hrs, 2 days, 9a – 5p)

Mon & Tues, Sept 11th & 12th, 2017

TFT (Thai for the Table) is an amazing introduction and a clever modification of the Traditional Thai Massage style. TFT was created to be more accessible for current massage therapists and bodyworkers who would like to incorporate different techniques and different layers of awareness into their current practices on the massage table. Along with learning a specific sequence, we will touch on the history and theory of traditional Thai massage, as well as focusing on the therapist’s ergonomics on the table–how to use body weight and leaning pressure to administer deeper pressure with the most ease. We will also learn about breathing techniques and about the oceanic rhythm that is synonymous with Thai Massage.

Tuition: $375. $50 deposit required. Price includes manual & DVD.