Thai Massage School Fall Classes

19 May Thai Massage School Fall Classes

Denver Integrative Massage School is offering Thai Yoga Massage modules that are appropriate for Licensed Massage Therapists who are seeking continuing education credits.  This unique training is part of our 600 hour Western massage program.  If you have been practicing massage for a while and are searching for a way to add another modality to your repertoire, then you might consider completing these three modules or just take Level 1.

Thai Yoga Massage is often referred to as “Lazy Man’s Yoga,” because the practitioner moves the client into passive stretches that are very similar to Yoga poses.  This form of bodywork has roots in Thailand and India and seeks to create balance and ease by massaging along acupressure points, known as Sen Sib lines. This preventative approach to healing creates inner peace and relaxation.

Each module is divided into 36 hours of in-class training and instruction and 14 hours of hands-on practicum.  Here you will delve deep into the roots of this ancient Asian energy work.  You will learn methods of reflexology, acupressure, stretching, meditation, aromatherapy and rhythmic breathing.  Each module allows students to build on what they have learned from the previous session. 

The practicum allows students to put their new found knowledge to the test by creating a space where students can perfect their craft.  These 14 hours for each module must be completed in our student clinic or with a Licensed Massage Therapist who is using this modality in their work.  Clients that receive a Thai Massage will be asked to provide feedback.  These feedback forms will be required to receive your certificate of completion.