Thai Massage Spring 2013 Program Begins Soon

05 Mar Thai Massage Spring 2013 Program Begins Soon

Denver Integrative Massage School is pleased to announce our signature Thai Yoga Massage program which is set to begin April 6, 2013.  This program is included in our 600 hour massage training, but can be taken as continuing education for those who are currently licensed massage therapists.

This 50 hour program will delve into the roots and history of traditional Thai massage.  Level 1 is divided into 36 hours of in-class training and a 14 hour practicum.  You will be introduced to acupressure techniques along meridian lines, reflexology of hands and feet and passive, assisted stretches with receiver in the prone and supine positions.  These stretches have characterized this form of massage as “Lazy Man’s Yoga.” In addition, students will learn proper ergonomics and breathing techniques to tap into the fluid-like nature that Thai Yoga Massage is known for.  Students will also be required to complete 14 hours of hands-on practice to be completed in our student clinic or with a Licensed Massage Therapist. 

The inclusion of this training in our 600 hour program gives graduates a unique offering in combination with western-style massage.  For those massage therapists looking to keep their practice fresh and interesting, this is an amazing way to add to your tools of healing and bring something new to your clients. 

For more information visit our Thai massage courses page.  Don’t delay, save your spot today!