Thinking About Going To Massage Therapy School?

01 Sep Thinking About Going To Massage Therapy School?

Massage therapy is a booming business, especially in the state of Colorado.  Massage therapists can make on average $50,000 a year particularly in the Boulder/Denver area.  More and more people are choosing a holistic approach to take care of their health.  Instead of going to a doctor for health issues, people are taking a proactive stance by changing their lifestyle and massage therapy has become part of this health care plan.  With this in mind, it seems like the perfect time to go to massage school and Denver Integrative Massage School can provide the training you need to become a successful massage therapist.

Denver Integrative Massage School offers a unique massage therapy training experience.  This is a “boutique-style” massage school which means you receive more personalized attention, but not at a “boutique – style” price.  In fact, Denver Integrative Massage School is quite affordable and costs only one third of what it would cost to attend other massage schools.  The curriculum offers more Eastern theory and modalities than any other school.  Massage therapy training courses also include Thai Yoga Massage and many yoga practitioners are attracted to the school for that reason.  The school has a Physical Therapist, two acupuncturists and a medical intuitive on staff to give the students well-rounded instruction.

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