What To Expect From A Thai Massage

23 Oct What To Expect From A Thai Massage

Most people are familiar with Western massage, while  Thai Massage might be a bit of a mystery. Thai massage is performed on a mat, similar to a futon mattress, on the floor rather than on a massage table.

A Thai Yoga Massage session lasts 90 minutes with very little verbal communication between the the therapist and client. Your therapist will use their feet, elbows, thumbs and knees to move, loosen and stretch your body. The therapist will begin at your feet and slowly make their way up your body, finishing with a head massage. You will feel your body rocked gently and slowly in rhythm with your pulse and moved into yoga poses. The therapist will move you as needed throughout the massage. Your therapist may apply pressure that is sustained for up to 30 seconds where your arms and legs meet your torso.  As they release this pressure, you will feel a flow of blood recirculate to your arms and legs, which can be an odd sensation if you are not used to it.

You, the receiver of the Thai massage, should wear loose, comfortable clothes or yoga clothes.  Since you are fully clothed, no oils are used during your massage. Be sure to avoid eating a large meal before your massage and drink plenty of water after to allow the release of toxins to leave the system.

By the end of your Thai Yoga Massage, you will feel tension melt away and your energy channels cleared to make you feel nourished and refreshed.

Denver Integrative Massage School offers Student and Graduate Thai Massage Clinics for the public at affordable cost. Thai massage is a great total body gift you can give yourself or to your friends or family.