Winter Skincare Tips

15 Dec Winter Skincare Tips

As the temperatures turn colder and we are indoors more often with dry heat pumped into our homes and places of work, we may notice a change in the appearance of our skin.  Your skin will constantly try to adjust to changing conditions.  So when the weather changes and the environment around you changes so will your skin. 

Products that may have worked well during the warmer months, may not be working as effectively in the winter.  So you need to be vigilant and not try to stick to the same regiment if your skin appears dry, flaky and tight.  The solution might be to get an even heavier moisturizer, but depending on your skin type you may just be adding to the problem.  Instead, find a nighttime moisturizer specifically for your skin type.  Use a humidifier in your bedroom during the night.  With the dry heat blowing on your face all night, it is bound to suck all the moisture out of your skin. 

Another thing to try is switch to a milder cleanser.  A cleanser that has a lot of lather means that it will dry your skin out more.  Continue to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells.  You may even consider making a few dietary changes, like including flaxseed oil or coconut oil in smoothies, salad dressings and other foods you normally make.