Yogis ♥ Thai Yoga Massage

28 Mar Yogis ♥ Thai Yoga Massage

Why are Yogis flocking to learn Thai Yoga Massage?

Simply put the name gives it away.  However, there is more to it than that.  Not only does Thai Yoga Massage use some of the same postures found in Yoga (Pigeon, Figure 4, and Frog) but it also incorporates breath and facilitates body awareness.  This ‘Lazy Man’s Yoga’ is beneficial for all body types  and like a yoga practice is able open and transform the body, mind, and spirit allowing for relaxation and invigoration.

Start loving what you do!  Your 600 hr CMT journey starts on Saturday, July 16th!


Contact Hillary: Hillary@dimassageschool.com or 720.270.3633