5 Tips on Building a Successful Massage Business

Building a successful massage practice is not an easy task; your business relies on your clientele, and it takes time and effort to gather an adequate amount of clients to support yourself. Here are a few marketing techniques to set yourself apart from the competition and attract clients to your practice.

1. Promote Yourself as an Expert

By figuring out what you’re best at or most passionate about when it comes to the services you offer, you will be more likely to attract clients. What is your favorite service to perform? What type of problem do you love to address during a massage? Take some time to figure out what your specialty is and build your business from there.

2. Network with Other Local Businesses and Health Care Providers

Networking is one of the most important aspects of a growing business; the more people you speak to and get to know, the more the word will get out about you and your practice. Chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, to name a few, would be great people to build a relationship with, as their clients are very likely to be looking for a massage therapist. Marketing yourself and your business to the community is an excellent way to let people know you are there!

3. Create a Website for Your Practice

Having a professional website is a must! Having all the specifics about your business in one simple, easy to find place online gives people the opportunity to learn about your massage practice before they make an appointment. Include the type of massage therapy you specialize in, the type of people and issues you work with, a prices and services menu, and a photo and bio of yourself and your passion for massage.

4. Consider Accepting Insurance

Billing insurance companies gives you an additional stream of income while exposing yourself to more people. Clients are realizing that they have the ability to use insurance for massage therapy rather than paying out of pocket, and many will search for a massage therapist who accepts insurance. Therapists in all 50 states are able to bill through PIP and Workers’ Comp. Becoming an insurance provider will give you access to hundreds of people monthly and earn thousands of dollars extra per year. Take the time to learn how to bill insurance correctly, and it will pay off in leaps and bounds.

5. Offer Complimentary Massage Sessions for New Clients

People love free trials and samples of products; it is a great way to attract potential clients to your practice. Giving potential clients the option to experience your services free allows you to wow them with your techniques and get them hooked on your practice. Offering just 30 minutes of free massage (with the option to upgrade to a longer session for a fee) will not only attract potential clients, but spread word of you and your business as well.