As you are starting your massage therapist career, or even if you have been in business for awhile, it may be challenging to find new clients or have a reason to contact old ones. Here are 5 massage marketing tips to help you attract more clients and have FUN while doing it.

1. Use Weather

What is the weather like? Has it been windy, cold, hot, beautiful? Tie your marketing message to weather. For example if you offer warm heating blankets and it’s been extremely cold, formulate a catchy message around this.

“Enough of the cold already! Tired of the cold yet? Come in for a soothing massage for an instant pick up of your spirits – and warmth! Heating blankets and warm herbal compresses are waiting for you…”

You can write a marketing message practically for any weather condition. You could include a discount or a coupon as extra incentive if you so choose.

2. Use Events

Several times a year there are events happening all around your area, some bigger, some smaller. Hop on to the band wagon of the bigger events for your marketing. For example, in Denver area there is the Stock Show, Boulder Boulder running race, Cherry Creek Arts Festival and Run for your Life to name a few. If you specialize in sports massage or Thai massage, running and sports races are great for getting your name out.

“Don’t be running on empty! Supercharge your muscles before your big race [name of race] by booking a winning sports massage today! Mention this ad and get $10 off your 90 minute massage. Book your massage before your competition does!”

3. Use Sport Teams

Broncos are going to the Super Bowl!!! Wait what? Well, there is hope for next year. Even if you are not a huge sports fan thousands and thousands of people are. Tag your marketing to piggyback off the big sports teams in your area. Keep an eye out for achievements, big rivalries, and special community & charity events. When a sports team stirs up big news, this is the time to jump in – such as going to the Super Bowl.

“We [or name of team] are going to the Super Bowl! The team is in full preparation mode for the big game. It is time for you to do your part! Make sure you are ready to scream and cheer for your team and book a massage! Feel like a pro yourself with an athlete’s sports massage! You do want to be limber and flexible watching the game right? Call today to get your game on!”

4. Use Seasons & Holidays

Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you need to do it call… and massage will be there. Seasons are easy to use in your marketing. You can pick something great about each season, or something that people are looking forward to in the upcoming season. Plenty of opportunities there. Holidays are another staple in your bag of marketing mix. Use Valentine’s day to offer couple’s massage, or Christmas to offer a Holiday gift certificate package – they make great gifts!

“Spring has sprung! It’s time to get out of hibernation and welcome spring with open arms. Step 1 – Book a rejuvenating massage to shake off those winter cobwebs. Step 2 – Mention this ad and receive $9 off your 60 minute massage appointment. Step 3 – relax and enjoy!”

5. Use Pop Culture

Vampires, Zombies & Super Heroes – Oh, yeah! Tap into what is hot right now. Ways to spot what is hot: just look at your facebook. What are your friends talking about? What are they sharing? When in doubt, start a conversation and ask. “Two tv-series or movies that you love right now. Go!” One of the popular TV-Series right now is The Walking Dead – Zombies. Now you may start seeing references to WD (not WD-40, rather Walking Dead) everywhere. Smart marketers are using zombies and zombie apocalypse in their advertising and marketing. It’s a great way to tie into what is hip right now.

“Don’t turn into a zombie. Get a massage! In the event of a zombie apocalypse you want to be a bad ass the zombies don’t want to mess with. Your preparation starts with massage! Grab your 5-pack of massage today. Benefits include calm state of mind – cool & collected, increased energy, increased flexibility, increased awareness and a common after massage state of euphoria. Contact us today and receive a $25 discount on the massage 5-pack.”


Use a combination of 2 of the above sections. For example use the combination of a sports race and pop culture reference for a great marketing tactic such as:

“Run! The zombies are coming. Are you able to dodge, dive, duck and scramble away from the zombies? Book a massage today an increase your odd of making it to the finish line. Get ready for the race and don’t let the zombies catch you! Call today and receive $25 off your 90-minute sports massage.”

The 5k obstacle course zombie run race is gaining more and more popularity – sounds intense. A great way to market your massage services. You could even check to see if the races & events would allow you to bring your massage to the event, but more on that on another article. That was fun! Marketing your massage business should not be stressful. When using popular themes and weaving them together with your massage therapy business you create attention grabbing advertising and fuel your business. Yay – all the way around!