swedish massageMassage therapy involves manipulation of certain muscles in order to alleviate pain, discomfort and tension from muscles. There are variety of massage techniques from Thai massage to hot stone massage. One of the most popular massage modalities is Swedish massage.

As with most massage techniques, Swedish massage is based on massage strokes and stroke techniques including sliding or gliding, kneading, friction, rhythmic tapping and vibration. It is these strokes that can make such a difference to the overall well-being of the person receiving the massage.

Swedish Massage Process

Prior to starting a massage, the therapist asks a few questions relating to the overall health and well-being of the client, including questions about any medications that they may be allergic to. The therapist should also inquire as to whether the client has undergone any surgery in the recent past. This is often referred to as the intake form.

Swedish massage is typically done on a massage table. The massage table is adjustable to make the clients massage experience comfortable and stress free.

The massage therapist typically uses a massage lotion or oil that is applied to each muscle group being massaged. The majority of massage therapy sessions are 60 minute appointments. However you may find some that are a bit shorter at 30 – 45 minutes and some that are 90 minutes long.

Swedish massage is one of the most popular western massage techniques offered. After receiving a Swedish massage you may feel refreshed, rejuvenated, calm and with reduced stress and tension. Enjoy!