Recipe for an inflammation free winter!

You may know Turmeric as a great addition to your favorite Curry dish, but what about incorporating that magical little spice into your health regimen?

With so many wonderful medicinal properties Turmeric is versatile as a fresh herb and dried spice that has much to offer. It’s known for its healing properties such as anti-bacterial, anti-septic, stimulating, and many more including anti-inflammatory.

Turmeric has been used for centuries as a topical treatment for many inflammatory skin disorders. As the main ingredient in our convenient, Turmeric can be a healing and fragrant addition to your massage therapy practice. To use the fresh herb as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial home treatment, a Poultice can be created for minor injuries.   Powdered turmeric can also be mixed with cold water as a drinkable tonic that stimulates the gallbladder and detoxifies the liver.

This winter get creative!

Try to incorporate a little Turmeric into your life.