And Here We Are

I know it is not the most surprising thing in the world that a yoga instructor would find herself stepping into the world of body work. But truthfully for me it is a surprise, a welcome surprise, but a surprise all the same. I had never envisioned body work or massage as a part of my path and career. In fact, to be frank, I thought it all a bit cliche, the whole yoga teacher/body worker one-two punch. My interaction with most of the people who I have seen working in both fields had lead me to conclude that they were doing so as a way to build their income in positions where doing one or the other full time can be extremely challenging. As a yoga instructor I have been incredibly blessed to have had exposure to circumstances and support that combined with extremely hard work on my end have lead to a full time teaching gig that I can support myself with. So without having to consider my income I was not immediately drawn to taking a training that is essentially embarking on new career path. 

Yet for the past year or more I have been looking for something. There was a desire for more, in both my teaching, and my practice. I felt I was approaching a crest and needed to begin exploring the next step to push my growth forward. So I started looking into yoga trainings offered in Denver and surrounding areas. I looked high and low, over and under, around and through. I asked questions of colleagues and students searching and searching for the spark that would speak to me. And time and time again I came up empty handed. For as many reasons as there are trainings I couldn’t find the one that meshed. Having been a part of the teaching team on a variety of trainings myself, the programs I found were either geared towards new and newer teachers, similar to what I was teaching, or were rooted in particular systems that I found off putting. As I kept finding programs that were not what I was looking for I did what all good yogis do when backed into a corner, I put what I was looking for out into the universe.

Often knowing what you want is half the battle. The more I encountered what I didn’t want the more what I was looking for became clear. I want to be challenged. I want to delve into the body and in its systems in a deeper and more thorough way than traditional yoga trainings offer. I want to be able to connect with my students’ bodies in a way that helps them connect to themselves deeper. I want to be able to provide a greater and more accomplished experience for my private clients. I want to teach a safer and more sustainable practice. I want to continue to serve. 

Well, the universe sometimes works very quickly! Once that was all out there the next thing I knew I was enrolled in the 600 hour Thai Yoga Massage program here at the Denver Integrated Massage School. And here we are. The fit for me at DIMS is so natural. The combination of Thai and Western schools of thought with the extensive commitment to anatomy is an almost too perfect blend of the worlds that Western yoga teachers co-exist in. I have many friends who have completed the program and many on staff at DIMS are yoga students themselves! In addition I have been given the opportunity to share this experience with all of you here in this blog. I could not be more excited! 

It is only a few days away from the official start and I feel just as anxious as I would starting any other school I have ever attended. I have all my books, note books, brand new highlighters, and a slew of other supplies like sheets and a pillow all stacked and ready. As excited as I am I am also nervous. It’s been years since I have been a student in this capacity. I worry that the work load will be too much and that I will struggle with learning anatomy and the memorization of body parts. I have always learned best in a big picture sort of way because I have a hard time keeping specific details in straight in my head. And let’s face it, the body is full of specific details. I worry about the time commitment and maintaining a full time teaching schedule. I worry! Yet I know these are all manageable hurdles on the path to bigger and better things. It’s all part of the process which you get to be a part of here with me in this little piece of Cyber space. How cool is that? 

I so look forward to sharing with you weekly. Thank you for being a part of this with me. Until I write again I say to you truly, madly and deeply… Namaste.


Jessica has been a full time yoga and fitness instructor in the Denver area for over three years with Corepower Yoga as well as privately operating as Soul and Bones Wellness. She has received over 600 hours of training through Corepower Yoga and has participated in, coached, and lead a variety of teacher trainings and lifestyle programs. Jessica could not be more excited to explore this next level of her training with Denver Integrated Massage School and is thrilled to share her insights, apprehensions, and breakthroughs with you!