Banana & Honey Foot Cream

I first saw the “Thai Spa Book” in 2006 at a small bookstore in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I was taken with the book’s combination of aesthetic, visual beauty as well as significant and accurate information about Thai herbal remedies.

I suggest you buy this book to learn more details about the properties of Thai herbs, recipes for Thai bathing rituals, recipes for Thai tonics and juices, as well as recipes for Thai massage oils.

Thai Spa Book on Amazon

Sample recipe from book: “Banana and Honey Night Cream”.

“To be used on tired feet–recipe provided by the Banyan Tree Spa, Phuket:  Honey’s humectant properties nourish and moisturize, the banana is soft and soothing, and the lime is antiseptic. Ingredients: Half ripe banana, one tsp honey, half tsp lime juice. Mash the banana and mix all the ingredients well, then apply the mixture all over your feet before going to bed. Put on a pair of cotton socks and leave on overnight. You’ll wake up to find smoother and softer feet. ”

Gotta Love that!