Become Holistic Nutrition Therapist

Our sister school, School of Holistic Nutrition Therapy, has a brand new certification program. The program starts January 2020!

Become a Holistic Nutrition Therapist in just 4-8 months.

Learn how to take care of yourself, your family and your community. 

The 300-Hour Nutrition Therapy Certificate program is a solid foundational program that prepares you to work with family, friends, communities, and clients as a Professional Holistic Nutrition Therapist.

This 4 – 8 month program will take you on a journey learning about nutritional sciences and pathophysiological connections, as well as challenging food paradigms and teaching a well-rounded approach including mental and emotional connections with eating, all the while cooking, having fun, and integrating recipes and plans to personally and professionally ignite a creative approach to your daily, food practices.


We are truly teaching: Food as Self-Love, Food as Family Connection, and Food as Humanity Healing.