deep tissue massage scapulaDeep-tissue massage is the therapeutic technique that works the deep layers of muscle tissue to relive pain and break up scar tissue. Your body’s neural and fascia systems consist of fibrous tissue that surrounds and separates muscle fibers that can form adhesions or knots. Deep-tissue massage primarily focuses on breaking down these knots to help re-align deep muscle layers and connective tissues.

True to its name, deep-tissue massage applies deep gentle force to the adhesions to the muscle fibers, which are broken down from a knotted or bundled position into the proper direction and alignment of the overall muscle group. The end result is restored balanced upright posture, decreased pain, and improved range of motion.

The healing factors of deep-tissue massage are so beneficial that elite athletes and fitness professionals incorporate a regiment of massage as part of their training and recovery programs. Massage helps to keep the muscles supple and relaxed and the joints more fluid which reduce the chance of injury during activity. It also helps to relax your breathing and bring it to a deeper regular rhythm. Proper breathing affects heart rate, blood flow and mental alertness, which are all key performance factors.

Another trend for the use of deep-tissue massage is the treatment of myofascial trigger points – muscle knots, nodules or spindles within the bands of muscle fibers – that can cause pain and tenderness.

Deep-tissue massage, like Swedish massage, uses strokes and movements that increase vasodilatation of your blood vessels, which allow more oxygen to enter your blood. The increased oxygen in the blood can stimulate cell growth, repair and promote quicker recovery time for muscles.

Overall circulation is also improved through deep-tissue massage by creating vasodilatation of your blood vessels to move blood through congested areas more easily.

Deep-tissue massage is also beneficial to your immune system. It increases and improves circulation for your lymphatic system, which is key for helping your body remove bacterial and viral pathogens.

On top of the physical benefits of deep-tissue massage it also helps to relieve stress; a single massage session will lower your heart rate, help lower cortisol and insulin levels leaving you in relaxed and euphoric state.

There are numerous benefits of deep-tissue massage ranging from physical to mental health. When choosing deep-tissue massage, it is important to consult with the therapist first to best determine your treatment.