Those of us who have received a massage know the powerful physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits massage can have, even after just one session. Depending on the frequency of sessions, repeated massage therapy can have lasting, cumulative beneficial effects. Research has proven that incorporating regular massage into your routine can significantly improve your health and well-being! Frequent massage equals frequent, long-lasting benefits.

Frequent massage therapy sessions can lead to measurable changes in the body’s overall health and wellness. From treating chronic illness, neurological disorders, and injuries, to relieving everyday stressors and pains, massage brings unparalleled benefits when made part of a regular routine. Massage has been shown to lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, promote sleep and relaxation, improve concentration and circulation, reduce fatigue and increase energy levels, stimulate the nervous system, bring balance and peace to the mind, and maintain overall physical and mental health. Massage has also been known to improve pulmonary function in asthmatic children, relieve aches and pains related to arthritis (and many other discomforting conditions), decrease water retention and cramps, and improve weight gain in preterm babies.

Many health care professionals are recognizing the enormous benefits of regular massage therapy; doctors are referring more patients to massage therapists, and hospitals are incorporating on-site massage as part of the recovery process for post-surgery or pain-related patients. Even corporations are offering on-site chair massage to boost productivity, increase job satisfaction, and reduce work-related stress.

In the case of massage, more is more! The more frequently you schedule massages, the more benefits you reap (and the longer those benefits last). Ultimately, massage is giving your body and mind the chance to relax, heal, and prevent possible ailments. Investing in regular massage sessions is an investment in your physical and emotional health and wellness for the future.