Athletes & Massage Therapy

sports massageMany athletes at the height of their careers all have one thing in common: they take advantage of sports massage therapy on a regular basis in order to keep performing at their best. It is astounding the ways in which sports massage therapy can help athletes and alter their gameplay for the better. If an athlete wants to rise to the top, this is something they must partake in in order to compete among the best.

Why massage therapy?

This is an aspect to the sports world that many people do not consider. Massage therapy is proven to improve an athlete’s performance, and the difference is obvious when compared to an athlete who does not take advantage of sports massage. It specifically energizes muscles groups to perform in the way they need to, and keeps the muscles from growing tired as quickly as a non-massaged muscle.

Massage therapy continues to work within the body long after the session is over. It makes pre-workout and pre-game stretching more effective and easier. Probably one of the most important aspects to sports massage therapy is that it can not only greatly limit the amount of pain in injuries, but cut down the risk of potential injuries as well. If the muscles are warmed up and working at a greater capacity, there is less of a chance of them becoming torn or injured in other ways.

Massage is also key in improving the body’s circulation. This boosts the power of the immune system, and helps to remove toxins from the body that might slow an athlete down.

The bottom line

Overall, regular massage sessions are healthy for the body, and this is no different for athletes. It boosts the body’s immunity and resistance to pain and injury, and creates strength and overall improves stamina. This is important for athletes involved in any sport who wish to perform at the greatest level possible for their bodies.

Massage therapy is used in sports as varied as basketball, lacrosse, skiing, swimming, baseball, and football. Any sport in which you are pushing your body to the limit will greatly improve with regular massage sessions, which are specifically pinpointed to maximize certain muscle groups. If you are interested in sports massage, it is smart to discuss it with your physician and coach, and find the right massage therapist that will help maximize your muscles and what your body is fully capable of.