Boost Your Massage Business with Spa Services

As the popularity and reorganization of the healing benefits of massage grows, the demand for massage therapists is continuously increasing. More people are pursuing a career in massage, which means the field of massage therapy is becoming more competitive; more licensed therapists makes it more of a challenge for you to stand out and have your services noticed. Setting yourself apart from the crowd can be difficult, especially if you are newly licensed and competing against therapists that have been there much longer than you. To attract new customers and build a solid clientele base, it is important to not only be great at what you do, but also to offer unique services that your competition may not be offering.

One easy and appealing way to stand out is to add spa services to your bodywork menu. This gives you the option to incorporate services such as exfoliating scrubs or brushings, back facials, peels, herbal remedies, all-over body treatments, and more to your massages, giving each regular session the possibility of becoming a specialty spa massage service. This will satisfy a popular desire and demand for hydrating, anti-aging, healing treatments in addition to the massage, making each session more customizable, enjoyable, and profitable.

Deciding which spa services to offer as massage add-ons is completely dependent upon your vision, comfort level, and abilities. Consider what your current clients need or want and what you as a massage therapist would enjoy performing; take advantage of social media sites, websites, and email lists to inform current and potential clientele of new services they can add-on to their massage sessions (and don’t forget to promote new services via appointments booked over the phone or during a regular massage session). The more effort you put into advertising what you offer, the more clients will come to you!

Our sister schools: the School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics and the Herbalism Roots program in Denver for herbal and aesthetic spa services that will give you the skills, confidence, and practice you need to successfully perform new services. Adding a variety of unique, relaxing spa services to your bodywork menu is easy and will greatly benefit both your practice and your clients.